"Hi, I went to Visit my local AutoNation car care center and I found out a few things about service.

There is a kiosk for new car appointments but none for service. A nice waiting area is provided.

AutoNation tracks all cars purchased, the mileage, value of the car now, payments and service.

The VIP program generates a print out to the new car manager when a VIP sets and appointment to come in for service. There are VIP reps that will offer to "trade keys" of a newer car at the same payment's the owner has now..

A special bonus is payed to the VIP Rep if they can trade up the customer on arrival . So no waiting for the repair just trade keys and away with a newer car.

The car left for service is detailed not just washed.

A ride to work or home is provided."

What it does

Uses IoT sensors to send repair notifications and find idle time in your schedule. Uses an Uber-like transporter service to bring your car to a service station in your idle time.

How we built it

IBM bluemix, Node RED, Watson IoT, Twilio, etc.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for AutoNation Easy Care

Built With

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