Don’t want to be bothered to write boring meeting minutes

Empower people with hearing impairment as they can actively attend meeting where decisions are made

What it does

Real-time speech-to-text to up to two audio devices simultaneously

Editable transcripts

Summarization of the transcripts

Extract and highlight the action items

Easy-to-use GUIs

How I built it

Core in python with pytorch, kivy, gRPC and Azure/google cloud clients. Newer GUI with electronjs.

Challenges I ran into

Working 15 hours a days for 9 days is hard...

I'm outside my comfort zone with modern JS (electronjs) so I tried to learn as much a possible as fast as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The prototype works, I can use it.

What I learned

This isn’t easy to handle audio devices (real or virtual)

How to use some part of Google cloud and Microsoft Azure

Updated my knowledge on modern JS

What's next for AutoMinutes

Replacing Speech-to-text cloud providers by Idiap module

Make the Electron interface look modern

Evaluate the possibility of cross-platform deployment

Built With

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