Keeping track of the timetable, figuring out the right lecture at the right time and joining in just when you realize you forgot to toggle off your video feed, our life was way to messy even before the online classes kicked in. Our classes are for 7-8 hours per day, so remembering the timetable is quite frustrating. Especially when the teachers mark you absent if you don't login on time. So we decided to solve this local problem by using python to automate the process.

What we learnt?

We learnt how to implement python and its different libraries. So far we'd only done simple programs with python, so now we got to know how to use it to make something interesting. Now at least we know how to make classes and export modules and make python modules to make use of them in different python files. We got to know real life applications of Python using different libraries after this project.

Challenges we faced

  1. Implementing Pyautogui features (some were buggy and we found the bugs)
  2. Converting timetable from pdf to csv
  3. Integrating GUI with the main function

How we build it

  1. We used Python 3.8.1, created an virtual environment.
  2. Used Pyautogui for automation.
  3. Used pandas for converting pdf to csv.
  4. Stack Overflow and reddit for the information and tricks.

Built With

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