Mark Wells, Dom Raymond and I recently extended and adapted an existing Field Service demo that showcased chatbots, native mobile and Kinvey by weaving it into a DXP scenario with a Sitefinity web site hosting the chatbot, and the Sitefinity DEC experience analytics service capturing customer interactions from within the chatbot session as well as from web site interaction in order to personalize content on the site (and questions within the chatbot). We also added a custom file upload widget to the Sitefinity site to showcase use of MoveIT Transfer's .NET API to securely upload sensitive customer files direct from a web site to MoveIT Cloud's repository. This started me thinking that there are additional data movement scenarios that MoveIT could assist with, particularly relating to getting more and more customer interaction data into DEC which can only improve its ability to uncover patterns and correlations that can drive ever more customer journey optimization. One scenario that sprung to mind was a potential customer care partner company that performs phone outreach to Quantum Computer customers (Quantum Computers being the primary Sitefinity demo website), perhaps asking about their purchases and/or service experiences with Quantum... and who provide Quantum a daily flat file summary of which customers they called, what they discussed with them and some kind of sentiment analysis based on the conversation... This could be very useful data for DEC to include in analysis to potentially drive remedial interventions with unhappy customers and additional, more focused cross/up-sell content personalizations/offers to happy customers...etc. Because of the file transfer nature of the 'integration' between Quantum and the customer care org, and the sensitive nature of the data being exchanged, it also screams out for MoveIT Transfer as a secure MFT solution. Furthermore, in order to automate the processing of that file to push the customer interactions into DEC, the MoveIT Automation component could be used to parse each line of the file and convert it into appropriate DEC REST API calls to avoid the need for any manual file imports. In order to show the benefits of having such additional integrations, custom Lead Score and/or Persona segmentation rules would be created in DEC to take advantage of the new interaction data and to show how it could drive more targeted personalizations in Sitefinity and in Chatbots...

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  • dec
  • moveit
  • nativechat
  • sitefinity
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