Small businesses often face rampant theft at soda fountains with with anyone being able to fill up any container with soda. This often leads to serious losses in revenue that can severely damage a businesses profitability.

How it works

Using proprietary cups and a color sensor, the soda dispenser can sense what soda to dispense. and whether they can refill or not. This prevents customers from using the soda machine with canisters that have not been paid for.

Challenges I ran into

The coding for the Arduino was very tricky, but with the help of mentors, we were able to complete the code. Furthermore, we ran into a shortage of time to finish the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am personally very proud of the progress I've made in terms of hands-on engineering, along with Arduino coding. Furthermore, the collaborative spirit of the project was exceptional, with all members of the group contributing valuable ideas that truly made our project so much better.

What I learned

Through this project, I have learned so much, specifically about Arduino coding and the mechanics involved in this machinery. I applied the knowledge I learned in school, but gained such a deeper understanding of electronics and the related topics.

What's next for Automatic Theft Protection Soda Dispenser

The Soda Dispenser can be updated to utilize barcodes and offer support for multiple cup sizes to more efficiently serve a businesses needs. Furthermore, the Dispenser can be enlarged to handle more types of soda, and be enable with refrigeration capabilities.

Built With

  • arduino-uno
  • color-sensors
  • photo-transistor
  • solenoid-valves
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