Globally, only 1 in 7 online traders are women. Without knowledge, proper training, it is risky to embark into the stock market. Many women working in informal sectors do not have a bank account, let alone a stock trading account.

What it does

We, as a team, proposes to build an intuition-based stock trading software with automatic portfolio recommendation features. Long version of the demo and the presentation of our business plan can be found at:

How we built it

The founder Nuoya has this idea for a year until she met someone with a similar interest Miguel. The two spent 1 month before the Hackathon to polish the idea and have the initial design on paper. Then our developer Mann Patel joint the team to build the website.

Challenges we ran into

It is difficult to find developers to join the team. There are a lot of features which are yet to be realized.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website is online. The proposal was submitted to the World Bank Youth Summit.

What we learned

There are a lot of challenges on the way for building such a solution, e.g. getting operating licenses and fulfilling the liquidity requirement of regulators.

What's next

April 5th, 2021: website launch. Continue project and recruit more developers for app development (3-5) and UI/UX designers Establish partner relationship with counterparties and clearing houses August 2021: Regulatory clearance
October 2021: The android app launch Dec 2021: The IOS app launch

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