Keeping track of all content in Confluence can be a job on its own. Pages should be kept up-to-date and eventually should not distract from relevant content when they turn irrelevant. The manual workload for the user only grows with the number of users.

To help the administrators of Confluence Cloud instances keep the content up-to-date Automatic Archiving for Confluence Cloud allows to define simple rules for the lifecycle of pages. On a per space basis it is possible to define when a page expires and when a page should be automatically archived, both in number of days since the last update. The expiration tells you that the page should be updated again. If this does not happen it gets eventually archived and moved to another space, so it does not distract from the still relevant content in the original space. This way the original space is clearer, but no content gets lost, ever.


Administrators request support like this in the Cloud version for quite some time now. While Confluence recently launched a manual archiving feature of single pages in beta, this does not address the discovery of outdated content and also not the automatic part, still leaving a lot of work with the user. For Confluence Server an add-on supporting discovery and cleanup of outdated content became essential to many administrators, also blocking them from migrating to Cloud.

Future considerations

There are plenty of ways to support the user even more by improving this add-on. The add-on will be integrated more thoroughly in the future. E-mail notifications will be sent to authors, editors or other users in charge of content. An overview of all the content in Confluence shall give a better impression of the overall quality of the content.

How does it work?

The site administrator installs the add-on via the Atlassian marketplace. Now all space administrators are able to configure the page lifecycle rules via “Space Settings” > “Add-ons” > “Automatic Page Archiving” for each space. Via “Space Settings” > “Overview” > “Page Status” the administrator is now able to see which pages will expire soon or will be archived soon. For both it is relevant when the page has been updated the latest, or any of its children. Once a week all pages that are ready to be archived will be moved to an archive space. One of these spaces exists for each actual space, contains all the archived pages from the original space and has some limited permissions. This way the content is never lost, can still be found and can easily be restored. Upon installation the optimal time slot for the archival is determined, then it is processed once a week.

See the User Guide for more information on how the add-on works.

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