We are all either beginner or novice programmers seeking new experiences to expand our knowledge. The prompt that inspired our project seemed to us a good challenge but also perhaps obtainable.

What it does

Our project allows an administrator to send customized emails in bulk to a set of user emails entered.

How we built it

We worked together on GitHub and Discord, using HTML and CSS web pages for administrators to access the service. We powered the emails with an SMTP server using JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was utilizing Google's API to integrate Google Forms and Sheets into our website. Although we came close to getting it to work, our time constraints made it not possible to get it up and running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although our project doesn't resemble what we set out to accomplish, we are proud of how much we have learned during this time as well as our implementation of an SMTP server using JavaScript.

What we learned

During our project, we explored the vast capabilities of JavaScript as well as working with HTML forms. I think the greatest thing we learned is that it's ok to not perfectly reach our goals, and that our experience throughout was so much more valuable.

What's next for Automatic Notification System for Meetings

We are hoping to independently continue this small project to hopefully finally integrate Google Forms and Sheets. Once that's done, however, I believe we will set our sights on new horizons.

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