At the time of recruitment in my organization, a person is alloted a computer to download the CVs and save in a perticular department folder. he is doing this all day and in the end of the day he will have to inform the number of recieved CVs to the Head

What it does

This project is for the organizations which are having recruitment process in different departments. main purpose is to segregate the received CVs according to departments and at the end of the day it will send an auto generated mail to the recruitment team According to their respective departments wise number of received CVs.

How we built it

This design is built in UiPath Studio robotic process automation.

Challenges we ran into

Main challenge to design this project is to download attachments with the sender name and save in respective department folders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Soon we are able to overcome the main challenge with the lots of learning.

What we learned

In the making of this project we learn how to read emails and download attachments and create separate folder to save these attachments and send a mail regarding number of files available in the folder.

What's next for Automatic CV segregation

Future scope of this project is to read the CVs and segregate according to company's qualification criteria means we can able to shortlist the CVs.

Built With

  • rpa-vb-uipath
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