What it does

It have the functionality to recognize the face and identify the person.It also include Automatic Attendence System in which if an employee enter inside an Organisation the attendence is uploaded with the time of entering the person as well. Facial recognition is ideal for sterile environments because employees can simply clock in and out completely hands -free. It also have the functionality by which admin can also add details of a new customer like name, image,phone no,address and many more other details easily by just click on the add new member option.

why automatic attendance system is useful

  1. Speed and accuracy This is one of the best reasons why you would need such a system in your school in the first place. If your school management software has a students’ attendance management module in it, it is always great. This is because then there is no need for you to maintain such data in a manual way as you were used to doing till date.
  2. Generating reports in an automatic manner When you use a student attendance management system you basically make sure that reports can be created with just a click of your button. This way, you the organisation management – are also able to get access to various summaries, and trend reports that are connected to the attendance ones.
  3. Increases punctuality In a manual system, the entire operation happens on a daily basis and the teacher enforces the attendance on a daily basis as well. However, with the cloud-based online student attendance management systems that we are talking about over here, you can actually record the time at which each student is attending the school in an accurate manner.

What's next for automatic attendance system

We will make a user-friendly website that allows the Employee also see their attendence from anytime /anywhere by just login into his office-id. This helps many organisation to became more digilized as well as it gives an Artificial approach which is a need of todays world.

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