This technology is based on empowering the park ranger that is actually on site. Many times, the park rangers are working in the reserves of their own free will. They volunteer. But, if the alerts don't reach them on time, they cannot help and ultimately feel helpless.

What this technology does. This technology ensures that the alerts reach the appropriate park rangers on time and hence they can actually help. The message that reaches them (through SMS, radio waves, or whatever networks that are appropriate). It contains all the information they may need in a short and crisp manner.

Challenges we ran into. Selecting the OS to port the code into as well as selecting the types of network that we will use for this technology.

Accomplishments we're proud of. We made technology in less than one day. We're that awesome.

What we learned. We learned how to use Raspberry Pi as well as the new APIs that we needed to send SMS messages.

What's Next. We will have to implement additional APIs in order to send messages through Radio Waves, as many wildlife reserves don't have internet or mobile connectivity, but it is relatively simpler to propagate radio waves throughout larger areas.

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