Coming back from a long vocation trip and had all my flowers and plants died. So the idea of an automated watering system which can water the plants itself occurred in my mind.

What it does

The circuit will detect the humidity of the soil and trigger the servo to make the water leak out of the water tube. The relay will trigger the LED on to indicate the watering system is operating.

How we built it

We have a DHT11 to detect the humidity of the soil and send the information back to the system. When the humidity level reaches a certain range, arduino will turn the servo on and the connected water plug will be lifted and water will leak out of the water tube into the plants. Relay controls the LED to indicate the operation is on. the box we build out of wood have the circuits described in the bottom part and the plants can be put on the top part. The circuit are connect on a protoboard.

Challenges we ran into

connection and coding of the relay and servo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole project!!! we cut the wood and nailed them to make a wooden box.

What we learned

never be afraid of failing and once you have a nice idea, discuss with your friend and go and make it happen!

What's next for automated watering system

get a bigger size water tube and and plug and use the system!

Built With

  • arduino
  • battery
  • dht11
  • led
  • plastic-stick
  • protoboard
  • relay
  • resistors
  • servo
  • watertube
  • wires
  • wood
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