Automated Vendor Onboarding

Vendor Onboarding in any organization typically involves multiple steps via a combination of repetitive, manual tasks as well as human activities. Manual tasks range from reading in documents to updating multiple systems or data logs. Human activities, such as contract management and payment terms, require judgment, intelligence and domain knowledge. Princeton Blue's Automated Vendor Onboarding app leverages the power of Appian and RPA to achieve end-to-end automation. It automates routine and mundane manual activities like the ingestion of W-9 forms in PDF format, the update of Excel spreadsheets and legacy systems; as well as, specialized human tasks - i.e. contract approvals. The app enables your business to build superior efficiency and visibility into the vendor onboarding process.

Key Features: ● Automated Document Ingestion - The automated reading of W-9 data from PDF documents ● Automated Workflow - An Appian process from RPA is triggered and the data read from PDF is provided to the process ● Structured Appian Tasks - Provisioning for exception handling and special approvals through tasks assigned to human users ● Rule Driven Approvals - Approval levels are based on configurable business rules and input data ● Excel Data Entry - Data is written automatically to Excel sheets using RPA ● Legacy Data Entry - Data is updated in backend systems using RPA

Built With

  • appian-and-blue-prism
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