According to the research, the Annual Wastage Energy Cost for the Desktop CPU = 545.792Kwh x0.11cents = $60.04. If we consider the medium to large scale companies, the cost is way higher. It solves the problem of electricity waste and global warming to a certain extent.

What it does

Utility to save electricity is an automated script that will run during the night (say 1 am) and find all the desktop machines which are not turned off and will hibernate those machines. It will store all running processes in secondary memory so that no process is lost in the future.

How we built it

  1. We've implemented a Master-Slave Architecture where the script runs on the Master machine every night.
  2. The automated script will scan the network for computers that are in the active mode.
  3. The script will send an automated reminder email to the user.
  4. Parallelly, it will store all the running processes on the slave machine in the secondary memory and hibernate that machine. So, there is no electricity wastage.
  5. Next day all the programs will be restored after the user logs in to the machine.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Establish a master-slave architecture between multiple computers.
  2. Network Scanning.
  3. Automating using UiPath.
  4. Outlook Integration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. It will help us to accomplish ISO 14001 for any organization and help the environment.
  2. A lot of electricity wastage can be saved by medium to large scale companies.
  3. It will help in achieving our objective to reduce per capita electricity consumption by 1%(Entire USA).

What we learned

  1. UiPath - We are very new to UiPath application and don't have enough experience working and automating daily activities. But its a very easy and user-friendly application.
  2. Establishing Master-Slave between two computers.
  3. Accessing network for slave computers.

What's next for Automated Utility to Save Electricity

As IoT is becoming so famous nowadays, each device will be assigned with an IP. With the help of this utility, we can extend the scope to all other devices even in a house or offices which will help us to save electricity at a broader range.

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