I have always wondered whether or not vehicles need to stop at intersections if the drivers would know exactly at what speed to travel to avoid each other. This hack is a first draft test run.

What it does

Simulates an intersection under heavy traffic conditions and, based on several detectors, speeds up or slows down cars to avoid collisions at an intersection.

How we built it

Unity, C#, some physics, lots of patience and perseverance.

Challenges we ran into

Issues with trigger detection across multiple different colliders. Difficulty finding the best solution to detecting when to adjust speed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a 4 way intersection filled with vehicles traveling in the 4 cardinal directions. Though it's imperfect, it manages to provide entertainment when things don't go quite right.

What we learned

Scripting in C#, some of Unity's limitations, cloud9 and it's awesomeness.

What's next for Automated Traffic

I'd like to see a perfect version implemented in the far future when all or nearly all vehicles are automated. Eliminating unnecessary stops at intersections would clear up a lot of traffic.

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