The Inspiration

The Automated Secret Service is built on the notion that private individuals deserve to retain the rights to their personal freedoms and privacy. In today's interconnected world, individuals are hardly able to keep protected the ins and outs of their routine private behaviours from the eyes of third parties. While there are widely available methods for addressing this concern of security in the digital space, we realize that there is a lack of countermeasures defending against invasions of privacy in computer users' immediate physical environments. This is the issue we sought to solve in our project.

A Brief Overview

Our project is an internet of things hack that connects an accelerometer motion sensor to a program on the user's PC. The motion sensor will be attached to the user's door. When the door is opened by a third party, the accelerometer sends a signal to the program, which opens and switches the user's screen to a Gmail tab. The accelerometer sensor is temporarily disabled; once the third party has left the user's immediate vicinity, the user can then press a hotkey (F11), automatically deleting the Gmail tab and reenabling the accelerometer.

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