Somethings I've noticed about the current entry and exit checks:

  • Staff are still touching ICs, these are potential fomites and should not happen as much as possible
  • The process of scanning a QR code can sometimes slow down the check-in process and creates bottlenecks where people gather close together
  • The process of having to scan again to exit is problematic and creates unnecessary bottlenecks. Imagine a singaporean going to buy groceries alone for the family, both hands full of bags after paying. On exiting the supermarket, then have to put down their bags, take out their phone or ID, scan/show and then fuss around to pick up their bags again before accessing the supermarket and once more when they leave the mall.

What it does

  • An app that monitors whether you are near a point of interest, much like how foursquare prompts you to checkin. As you are approaching or outside say NTUC JEM, it prompts to ask you if you want to check-in. Depending on the poll rate you might still need to wait or scan. When you check in, it goes through the usual safe entry checkin process.
  • You may not have to check out as it could detect that you left the area and auto checks you out.

How it can be built

  • App can integrate google places or foursqure apis to pick up location. Alternatively identify by wi-fi networks or bluetooth beacons.
  • The app itself can be native or hybrid or a simple web wrapper on top of the safe entry infrastructure, with the extra ability to detect location.

Potential challenges

  • Some of the human processes may need to be worked out, ie how do staff ensure the user has the app before letting them out of the building?
  • Speed of picking up the location may not be fast enough to ensure the optimal user experience, which was meant to speed up the checkin process and reduce bottlenecks

What's next for Automated safe entry

  • Riding on the wave of connecting safe entry data with tracetogether data, this allows a more seamless/neartime feed of location data with an added checkout capability, since most people do not actually checkout of their locations currently, which means its hard to use the data if need be for contact tracing... cleaner data.
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