Utilizing smart city infrastructure, such as small cells and light poles for creating a rapid response for critical vehicular conditions

What it does

In this project car sensors are used to detect a critical condition. Then a send message is sent to the road side unit (RSU) located on the light poles, which activate a camera action to take a video/ picture for the targeted location and immediately send it to a server (control unit). Using ML techniques the situation is evaluated and in response of that a ambulance drone can be sent or ambulance. Vehicles in the area can informed using RSU of possible delay or emergency issue.

How we built it

rasbpery pi

Challenges we ran into

hardware problem and software

Accomplishments that we're proud of

simple scenario is implemented

What we learned

problem shooting and trying to test the idea in a simple scenario.

What's next for Automated rapid response in critical condition

Implementing on Nokia samrt city platform

Built With

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