Inspiration: In the present world, where nuclear families are becoming more and more common by the day, elderly people living alone has become common. In such situations, medical emergencies that incapacitate a person can prove fatal. We aim at developing a system that help people in these situations.

What it does: The system takes input from various sensors placed around the house (in this case the inputs have been hard-coded) and infers the state of the person based on them.

How we built it: We used SASP and Prolog for defining facts (sensor inputs), compare those with hard-coded "normal" sensor values (in case of heart-rate), and used rules to determine the state of the person and if he/she needs medical assistance.

Challenges we ran into: How to detect a person's state using external sensors placed in the house.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Automated Medical Assistant

Built With

  • prolog
  • sasp
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