We wanted to provide aesthetic logos to clubs and startups so that anybody can have a meaningful logo that represents their organization.

What it does

Simply put: It takes in a picture and converts it to a logo with a brand name.

How we built it

The user inputs an image into a dialogue box coded using AppleScript. The user is asked if he/she has a brand name in mind and the market segmentation of her brand. This information is then passed on to a Javascript script which uses Microsoft Azure's image recognition API. If the user does not input a brand name, we use the API to identify elements of the picture and creates a brand name from either a combination of adjective and nouns or combining parsed words taken from the elements. The javascript we wrote creates a list of lists with each list representing information for one variation of the logo. In a list, it would contain color choices based on the market segmentation and font style (If the user never specified, we randomize it). The list of list is then passed into a secondary Javascript script, which uses Adobe Illustrator API to isolate key features of the input image to create a logo with. We use the 5 lists we outputted to create 5 different logos. To create the logos, we use the isolated image we derived from the image input and the brand name (generated or user input) and combine the two with pre-defined designs. The user is then prompted to view the logos designed and selected one that he/she would like to save. We then analyze what features of the picture the user liked and create 5 more logos by varying things the user didn't say they liked. Repeat the process until the user has saved enough of logos that they liked and exist the program.

(We had trouble merging the user interface with the rest as Adobe Illustrator didn't allow nodes in JavaScript, the demonstration does not have user input)

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out what exactly makes a logo look good. How a program can distinguish different elements of a picture. How to simplify a picture into a logo. How to combine different elements of a logo into a coherent and aesthetic logo. Adobe Illustrator requires javascript (a language none of us really knew) Learning apple script Merging the front end and the back end of the project/making all the different scripts work together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The challenges that we managed to solve.

What we learned

Javascript Design philosophy Applescript Adobe Illustrator

What's next for Automated Logo Generator

More options for each variable like having more fonts, more colors. Merge the UI with the rest of the code.

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