I've built a couple systems with less moving parts to grow salad in my closet. I would garden but I don't have a yard yet so I do this.

What it does

Put seeds in the system, and leave it until your vegetables are fully grown. Handles lighting and watering.

How we built it

Mostly hot glue, hot glue, various pieces of trash, and no sleep.

Challenges we ran into

ESP8266 board didn't work, so we had to combine an arduino and a raspberry pi.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The water level detection system and live website communication

What we learned

Prepare better, if we had known certain things we might have been able to sleep

What's next for Automated Hydroponics System

I'm going to put it in my closet and use it to grow lettuce.

Built With

  • basically-a-bunch-of-garbage
  • bin
  • hot-glue
  • pvc-pipe
  • wood
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