In recent years, there are many news of LPG leakages and cylinder busting causing threat to life. Every person who works or resides in such environment has fear of some miss fortune may happen when he/she is not at that place. Moreover this is not only the single problem present at home, generally at home we install MCB for protections from shock but it only works for short circuit and shock but can’t protect appliance from getting damage of high voltage when it comes from outside source due to technical problems (mostly during rainy season when phase wires gets touched ). This high voltage may cause major damage and also may lead to fire moreover MCB requires time to trip is more than time it require time to damage appliance and cause threat to life (shock and fire). Another important problem is theft and damage of life and property caused by some unknown or unauthorized person. There are around 3-4 news every day and much more cases gets registered at police stations which we are not aware.

Recommended systems suggest integrated solutions to all major problems faced at home and better solutions to above problems at low cost. It deals with LPG problem by sensing the concentration of LPG and also presence of SMOKE in worst case of food burning and fire and take proper action like if concentration is less and can be controlled then this system opens the windows for reducing the concentration and also shuts the power supply to reduce risk of fire by electric spark. When the concentration of LPG goes extremely high a message is send to Fire Safety Department (nearby Fire Station) as well as the owner of house. Safe guarding the electrical appliance is very imp as it case many threats both to user and appliance for this problem recommended system continuously keeps track of AC voltage

It was build on arduino and raspberry pi with many sensors like gas sensor , motion sensor ,GSM,RFID,Camera etc

IT can be implemented in every home with very less cost

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