My inspiration came from trying to make a normal greenhouse in the past, while it ran pretty well it was tedious to check on it every day or so.

What it does

This greenhouse uses a combination of thermometer, humidity sensor (hygrometers), and soil moisture sensor to log data about the system on an sd card. Not only does it log data but it uses the data to decide whether to water the plant, heat the plant, cool the plant, humidify the air, or cycle new air into the system.

How I built it

The non electrical parts are all recycled. I began building the electrical portion testing each component individually. I then slowly combined them and made them function together.

Challenges I ran into

Sealing the parts, so melted ziplock bags over some parts and hotglued others.

Current draw from the heater humidifier and fan were too high for the arduino so I needed to use transistor switches.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing hardware, software, and building the greenhouse itself.

The clean look.

Finishing a large project that fast.

My solution for water storage. I made something similar to a cat water dispenser with a recycled plastic container.

What I learned

just because things work individually doesnt mean they will work together very nicely.

What's next for Automated Greenhouse

What's next is growing some food!

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