As the technology advance , we saw it is important to bring new technology to agriculture where by products with high quality will be produce and also it helps to meet the market demand.Here in Africa we depend so much in Agriculture and automating Agriculture here will be a huge step forward.

Our green is able to manage the essential needs for particular crops grown for them to perform better, Greenhouse can then send all the conditions to the cloud where by you can login in anywhere you are to see what is going on. With the security also CCTVs camera can be installed and real time images send to the cloud in which it act like security for instance when the bulb is not functioning you can notice through the camera if you are away from the green house.

We use materials that was available to bring our idea to the table that is automated greenhouse a greenhouse ,with technical part we use Two Arduino .relay ..sensors ,Fan ,FRID and other components. Node mcu to send information to cloud.5G will really help us here in Africa to deal with Industry 4.0.

Challenge i ran into was so many but finance is worthy to mention. we do love tech and skills we already have.

Green house could function as expected so cool.!!

Anything can be achieved passion and hard work is only needed.

What is next for us is to add more components so as to use internet to send all the information from green house to the cloud ,5G will help here because it is faster so as to check what is going on without any delay.

we love Technology and hardwork with our passion we believe it will take us Far .

Other project we also tried to do garbage collector robot i have attach an image with the greehouse.NB robot is still under improvement -----we as starteq automation if we could find investors anywhere we are going automate Africa in whichever way----

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