I inspired this project while I was searching for defects in the current power systems in order to solve them, I realized that there are a lot of problems in circuit breakers, relays and current transformers. At this point I emphasized the problems and started to work on them consistently.

This project solves the problem of circuit breaker tripping failures, solves the problems of relays signal sending failures and location errors. It also solves the problems of current transformers calculation errors, saturation and overheating due to overcurrent that passes through them.

I started to think of a way to measure the current that flows into the power system directly and accurately, with the minimum number of errors, I also thought of a way to know where the fault happens exactly, to reduce the area under risk of fault. I founf out that using power switches will accomplish these requirements.

A lot of challenges faced me during the project, especially Covid 19 and quarantine; so that I could not get my hardware pieces and also couldn't test my project practically.

I have designed a prototype that is inexpensive, light weight, accurate and fast. I tested this prototype on Matlab simulink, but I haven't tested it yet in real application.

For this project I believe it will make a huge revolution in power systems technology and automation.

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