When I used a personal assistant like Seri or Google Assistant and ask about hajj it never gives proper answer but our solution can

What it does

Answer Hajj Fatwas through google apr

How we built it

We make a database containing hajj related questions divided into multiple parts: Hajj Pillars, Hajj Sunnah, Forbidden activities during Hajj, and so on... than we created algorithms that can make decisions based on the information provided by the user and generate the fatwa automatically.

The system contain Fatwas from all major school of thoughts.

We have an interface that can be used by a Mufti to review fatwas.

Challenges we ran into

How to do analysis to all the Fatwas related to Hajj... how to make an API for personal assistant and integrate it with the database to generate answers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are pioneering a new market segment in the personal assistant sector.

What we learned

How to analysis hajj fatwas and make algorithms that can distinguish between Hajj Pillars, necessities and Sunnah.

What's next for automated Fatwa system

Expand the system so that it can include other religious rituals

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