To create a fast, easy and reliable emergency helpline for people in need

What it does

Sends an automated emergency alert containing the exact location of the person who needs help, his name, city, etc to his emergency notification list

How we built it

We used Twitter API to look for particular keywords to mine the related tweets and use Twilio API to send automated call and SMS alerts to the corresponding persons.

Challenges we ran into

Fetching the location coordinates of the subscriber Capturing real-time updates in form of a tweet Parallel processing of data mining and processing Filtering only relevant tweets Connecting the Twitter API with Twilio API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Meeting the objective of the project Overcoming the challenges faced during the implementation

What we learned

Learning about Twitter API Learning about Twilio API tweepy and twilio modules of Python Data extraction from json file Parallel processing in Python

What's next for Automated Emergency Detection & Notification

Making the users subscribe via an app Making the filtering mechanism more reliable Extending the support to other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc

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