The Automated complaint-o-meter - Call 909-270-2701 and hurl us some abuse :)

Using Clarify's word recognition API we have created a totally automated system for measuring call quality.

The vision for the task was to create a measure of call quality so that people such as call centre managers could have an 'at a glance' view of the previous "X" calls and have a call to action so they could proactively and immediately investigate a customer's issues to provide a better customer experience.

We ran out of time to list the previous calls in a better visual manner and thus we are currently only able to display a single call.

How it works:

A call is first accepted and recorded by Asterisk. Using the post call recording hook we then invoke a script which:

  • Converts the call recording to mp3
  • Securely uploads the call recording file to the Clarify
  • Scans the call recording file for negatives terms
  • Stores the results in Redis
  • Visualises the sentiment of the call on our "complaint-o-meter".
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