Running a social media account and managing is not easy. It is not only about posting an image/video and then depending upon the social media app to do its work. There is a lot more into it. What time should I post? What are the best hashtags for this particular post? Am I doing the right thing posting a reel now instead of a video? How do I improve engagement? See, so many questions and so much tedious and robotic work to do. Who likes adding 20 hashtags before posting everyday at the same time? No one. Here comes Automate.Social. All the questions mentioned above have answers which require a lot of boring work. Let us do your boring work and you, i.e, the creator, focus on creating some awesome content and boost your social media brand.

What it does

The Automate.Social does so much!!. You can use Automate.Social to automate everything from A-Z on Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. What exactly is A-Z?. Let's have a look. (Everything is a work in progress) Schedule all your posts/reels with relevant and on the point hashtags✔ Get detailed analytics/insights on your posts and your engagement.✔ Schedule and post your tweets✔ Comment Reviews and moderation of the same✔ Ai based Tweet content generator ( Jina is used to searching for content from our database).✔ Post announcements for Discord✔ Moderation of the chats of your server and sending reminders.✔

What we did over the weekend

Now that you know what all Automate.Social can do, let's have a look at how are doing it

  • Even though we were able to build most of the functions a few hackathons bac, Our application badly need more focus on the UI and UX and made it difficult for users to use and understand the platform
  • If Silicon Valley (TV series) has taught us anything it would be the lesson that UI should be simple yet catchy not too fancy not too boring
  • So we got back to the drawing board actually FIGJAM and jammed on how we can improve the User experience and placements of components and the Flow
  • After hours of debate ( UK how it is with UI and backend team) we came to conclusion and redesigned the UI from scratch on Figma but this time with a better understanding and a common vision
    • This took an entire weekend but we are very happy with the output can can't wait to bring the design to life soon.

Challenges we ran into

This was my first time designing a web app and working with FigJam. Since hacking started, Ayush and I spent a lot of time planning and discussing the user interface and ensuring that users have an easy time using the app. With a super short deadline, it was one of the most challenging projects ever. We were able to finish it on time, and everyone loved the design. We really hope that this project will help a lot of students out there who are having trouble with their social media management.

What's next for Us

  • Now that we have API to make our app work and an amazing design its time to build the client-side and - get our app running
  • On the server-side, we need to look into optimization since at some endpoints the performance is bad We are also looking into how we can make our design even more inclusive

Built With

  • figjam
  • figma
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