Automatic Issue Creation on Jira

Team : Kushal Gopal


I found it really interesting that the Metabob analyses code on a deeper level for bugs and performance sinks. I recently got exposed to Jira in my internship and learnt how to create issues and track them. So my first notion was to automatically create issue tracker for these problems.

What it does

So what I built is a command line utility written in Python which takes the repo ID in the Metabob database and takes the problems analysed by it and create an issue for each problem in your Jira Project.

How we built it

I built using python, Metabob API, and Jira's Rest APIs.

Challenges we ran into

When I first thought of the idea, I had to check whether is was even possible to do in Jira automatically. Fortunately, Jira has its Rest Api to interact with its software. Since this is my first project dealing with APIs, I learnt a lot especially dealing and understandings two different APIs. In the future, I would probably create a web application written with React which has OAuth for both Metabob APIs and Jira's.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a working command line utility in a short period of time, working in a different timezones, learning new stuff like what Metabob does and improving my git skills.

What we learned

Improved my python scripting skills, learning how to work APIs, especially working with two different APIs and understanding them.

What's next for Automate Issue Creation on Jira

I would probably make it more secure by adding OAuth Authorizations and making a web application for it.

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