The inspiration is from previous dinning experience. All of our team members had bad dining experience of waiting too long to order or pay, server taking the wrong order, and many more. Hence, we all immediately agree that this need to be change and this is what we want to do when we formed our team.

What it does

It is a service that will help restaurant and customer to automate the dining process. The customer will automatically receive a menu on his phone when he entered the restaurant. Then, he would be able to order the food through his phone and the kitchen will receive the order immediately. Once the food is ready, a text message will be sent to the customer and he can pick it up and enjoy the food. After he is done, he can leave the restaurant directly, our application will track that he left the store and charge the amount on his account.

How we built it

We built our apps on Android and we used Beacons to check if the customer is entering or exiting the restaurant. We used Twillio api and Firebase to communicate between restaurant to the customer.

Challenges we ran into

The beacons are not accurate sometimes because of foreign frequencies. We initially planned to provide text and call service to the customer when the food is ready. However, we don't have enough time to implement the Twillio calling api into our application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we can produce two fully functional applications(apps for restaurant and apps for customers) in a weekend.

What we learned

We learned about Twillio api and beacons.

What's next for Automat

Out next step for Automat is to proceed with the calling api and provide this service to local restaurant to get more feedback on the project.

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