Often, we bookmark pages that we want to be able to come back to or that we do not have time to fully digest at the moment. Just as often, we find our bookmarks to be cluttered, a mass of links that we know we want to visit. In this modern world where time is money and hundreds of websites are created every day, few take the time to organize and sort their bookmarks, which leads to even fewer users who will make use of their bookmarks at all.

Automark is here to change that. Automark is a bookmark manager Chrome Extension that uses Latent Symantic Indexing and Keyword Filtering to organize your bookmarks for you. With Automark, you can:

  • Organize bookmarks by automatically created folders
  • Search your bookmarks by keywords
  • Switch between folder generation algorithms
  • Sort your bookmarks by date
  • And more!

Technical Details

Automark first uses keyword filtering to extract the "gist" of a bookmarked website. When it enters your repository of bookmarks, Automark uses latent semantic indexing to generate a transformation matrix that transforms all bookmarked websites and keywords into a low dimensional vector that allows for faster searching among thousands of keywords. The folder generation uses a greedy algorithm to maximize the differences between folder names among your bookmarks to display them.

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