We thought of what would make our lives easier as students

What it does

Automates operations BEFORE (when you place your phone against TAG when entering):

  • enables wifi
  • disables sounds
  • sets low brightness
  • the 3 above are configurable by students via a Control panel

  • signs you up as present and sends the time you arrived to class to the database

  • takes you to a link for your lecture notes for the day, IF they are available

  • the 2 above are NOT configurable and will happen everytime

... and AFTER lectures (when you place your phone against the TAG one more time, when exiting):

  • sends the time you got out to the database
  • disables wifi
  • enables sounds
  • sets med-high brightness
  • takes you to an online survey where you submit feedback, IF one is available
  • again, they are configurable or not in a similar fashion to the BEFORE actions

How we built it

We used Android Studio (Java with some APIs for NFC) for the app and mysql for the database. Our database is remotely hosted on an AWS server.

Challenges we ran into

Lots and lots of bugs No sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working as a team in a more efficient way than at last hackathon

What we learned

A LOT about databases, queries, remote connections in JAVA and manipulating the phone's environment (wifi, sounds, brightness) in Android Studio and lots more..

What's next for AutoLec

More features including support for teachers (or whoever is in charge of attendance) and a more professional graphic design

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