We saw a problem in healthcare and wanted to fix it! In the past years, we have seen young females suffering from the disease but aren’t aware of it. They usually brush it off or diagnose themselves with other things. When they, went and got full tests in hospitals, they found out that they have surfed from an autoimmune disease. For that reason, we created this website to educate women about this diseases and how they can collaborate together to fight it!

What it does

This website is a platform that the globe can access to either, share their expires, tips, advice or anything they need to say. In order to inspire or help others. Not only that but you can search the nearest medical place to find treatment or medication for your disease that are close to you. You can also read the information we provide to have a brief understanding of the cause and it’s facts.

How we built it

We built it using Replit, CSS, HTML, and JS. Also, we used other trusted sources for more information about autoimmune disease.


We are all beginners in this and in fact this is our first ever Hackathon ever! Additionally, we all had different timezones but we didn't let these issues get into our work, team efforts, and excitement!


We're proud that we created a full website with advanced features in under 12 hours. Additionally, we are happy that we managed to finish in time and create something memorable and meaningful for society! Lastly, we are happy that we got to attend all the webinars as we really learned from all of them.

What we learned

We learned how to code in CSS, HTML, and JS even better! We l learned how to work together as a team to achieve what we couldn't achieve before. Additionally, I learned more about autoimmune diseases.

What's next for Autoimmune (Tell Your Story)

We hope to grow a great community of people who share their experiences and support each other to raise awareness about Autoimmune diseases.We would like to include new features too! Also, we want to fix and upgrade the whole website to make look even better and pleasing for users!

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