In preparation for the Hackathon we did some research into large industries that are under-utilizing the power of CRM in their space. After some research we began communications with the North California Area Managers of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.

We found that in their $592 Billion industry their Service Department had an average Client Retention Rate of only 25% yet the revenues from the Service Department were responsible for covering 75-80% of Operating Costs for the dealership to be profitable. If we could increases this retention rate even marginally it would increase dealer stability and profit margins substantially.

By using new innovation in Bluetooth-Enabled OBD-II devices that are university applicable to any vehicle and using the cellular data from your mobile device. We can provide dealers and owners with real-time monitoring and communication between the vehicle and each other.

This application that cost less than $10 per vehicle, creates an effortless two-way stream of trust and transparency between dealer and owner. Helping to alleviate the stigma of the untrustworthy and misleading dealer while still providing dealerships with an effective way to retain clients through offer pushes and reminders of scheduled maintenance.

Car Reports Error->OBD Transmits Error via Bluetooth->App Receives Data & Pushes to Heroku->Heroku Parses Relevant Data & Pushes to Salesforce->Salesforce Creates Event & Notifies Dealer->Dealer Responds to Event->Salesforce Pushes Response Back to Heroku->Heroku Pushes to App->App Displays Information & Provides User w/Action Request.

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