AutoFit directs your body to its best physique it also helps your fitness and wellness goals. It involves engaging in regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet to achieve balanced and healthy lifestyle. AutoFit can improve one’s quality of life can regularly challenge the body and improve physical fitness over time. Auto fit can also help you find an exercise routine that you enjoy and that you can stick to in order to see the benefits, regardless of the approach the key to successful fitness is consistency and determination.   Auto fit directs the user to insert their Height, weight and age upon signing up to in order to help determine their personal fitness and nutrition plan. You also are prompted to choose your fitness goal between strength, athleticism/sports, weight loss, and mental wellness and using this Auto fit will use this and info from before to determine an optimal workout routine to help you achieve whatever your goal may be.

Basically, we outsource several websites and sources giving personalized information on how different categories of fitness can be achieved. Suppose, strength workout is desired by the customer, they can access varying information on what to eat nd when to workout. We also included different weights a person can do with their body weight in external sources. This type of consolidation of information about workout is something the current physical world is looking for.

Moreover, the features of Autofit includes different types of workouts that a person can choose according to their interests. Once they do that, they can access different information.

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