Initially wanted to try the alexa audio directives and when the Echo Show was introduced I updated the skill to include the video directive. Just wanted to be funny.

What it does

If the Alexa device does not have a screen, Alexa starts a countdown and then the audio of an explosion. If it does have a screen a video shows a countdown and an explosion. It's a simple skill.

How I built it

I used Losant to drag and drop the actions, and just filled with a little javascript the answers to return to the correct Echo device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's a simple skill, and I see it like a dumb one, yet it's very popular. What started as a simple joke/experiment for me has become a popular skill.

What I learned

Sometimes I don't need to overthink or create something complex for people to enjoy it.

What's next for Autodestruct

Honestly, I don't know. As I've mentioned, it was a joke, and I don't find a way to monetize it, but maybe I'm wrong and it would be a good idea to receive feedback from other fellow developers.

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