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With lots of folks learning online now, even English class, this could be not great for learning, people don't learn what words they are misspelling. Especially with Google docs auto correcting or showing the word and not letting you think about and re type it… and other systems doing the same, auto correcting or trying to say what you should type (with a tab… MS outlook online…)

For this project I propose a Firefox/chrome addon for turning off auto correct - and gamifying high percentage of correctly typed words, for English learners and writers.

What it does

Auto correct popup off (in Chrome, Google Docs only, for now.)

How I built it

JS file and chrome extension.

Challenges I ran into

Not really an api for Google Docs to change this spellchecking popup -

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Quick js fixes

What I learnedi

Chrome addon api.

What's next for Autocorrect remover

Could work better and store what words are misspelled, share score. Not yet built for Microsoft-word-online or for Firefox or other browsers.

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