I created this as an extension to some of the auto-generated code that Eclipse provides to users. I figure there is a lot of repeated code between projects, so a program that can auto-generate known algorithms and functions (other than just getters/setters). In addition to this, it can be helpful to those learning without eclipse to see if they set up their code correctly.

What it does

In addition to adding just the simple bare-bones skeleton, it will enter instance variables and several functions that you may want to use in the class. Depending on how many functions I can write and include in the possible choices, you will use a Swing GUI to tell the program what you want it to create, giving variables and other parameters that you may want. Some functions will include: sorting algorithms and read/writing to files.

How I built it

I used my newly acquired knowledge of swing to write up a GUI where you enter the parameters. I have a logic part where it will actually decide what code to include, and then finally, there is a writing part where the files are created and written to.

Built With

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