After every event conducted in college, the student committee who has already pulled out all the stops to make it a success has to also go through a tiring process of generating the participation and winner certificates for everyone. In order to make this monotonous work interesting, we have come up with a solution where the entire process can be automated.

What it does

Our AutoCert takes from the user an unfilled certificate where they want the details to be entered and a CSV file which contains the details of the certificate holders and their respective titles obtained during the event and then generates a zip folder which contains the certificates for everyone according to the details entered by the user.

How I built it

Using Pytesseract-OCR we detect the places where the details of a particular certificate holder have to go. We find out the exact coordinates of the point from which the name, position, and title have to go and enter the text. The use of OPENCV came in handy to enter the text and set its width and height and retrieve the details of the image. Streamlit dashboard was used to create an interactive display, so that our users can have a great experience.

Challenges I ran into

Determining the size of the text at each level was a difficult task and took a lot of thinking. Understanding the user's needs and identifying the exact location was a lot challenging than it seemed during the initial stage of our building.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We can proudly claim that our AUTOCERT can take any certificate template and enter the details from a CSV file accurately and give its users complete satisfaction regarding it.

What I learned

How to extract the text from an image and how to get the coordinates of the text which have been retrieved earlier. How to identify the correct location of the text which has to be put and how to set its size according to the limitation posed by the certificate.

What's next for AUTOCERT

We will be mainly focusing on adding more customization features and providing the users to adjust elements in the certificate as per their wish. We will allow them to add logos, modify the content, add fonts, and modify the look of the certificates. We will also be adding a function where the user can upload templates in other formats such as pdf or docx. We will be adding more templates and give the user complete freedom to modify the available templates.

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