One of our dad's always asked us how its possible we have a certain amount of miles on our car already, after having it for only a couple months. This sample program is based off of the idea that you drive more than you think, and the costs rank up.

What it does

The auto tracking expense program takes sample data that we printed by hand for the whole year of 2018 and compiles it into output of what we spend per year and how many miles we travel.

How we built it

Using a list of arrays, we calculated whether there would be a year error, day error, odometer error, and taking into a count what a leap year is and the math for that. We used a while loop so 365 days of data could be entered into the program, next we printed these outputs aligned and computed the total cost and miles driven.

Challenges we ran into

We could not figure out an algorithm in python or excel to generate the numbers needed for the odometer and cost so we had to do it by hand, but we finished the list of code for one year of traveling. The odometer always had to be increasing and this was another issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of even finishing this program on time, since we haven't coded in C in over a year.

What we learned

Sometimes something more simple and practical gets the job done.

What's next for Auto Tracking Expense Program

Make it an app using xcode.

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