Inspiration: All gif submissions to Giphy are currently tagged either by a user or a Giphy team member. Clarify allows gifs to be tagged automatically with their machine learning api. Why not combine them?

What it does: Given the gif's url, it autogenerates tags for the gif and automatically submits them to Giphy

How I built it: I wrote a node.js script that can call the api and grab the tags for the provided gif. Then (if I finished this part), using cookie.js, the script would submit the gif and its tags to Giphy's website directly.

Challenges I ran into: Understanding APIs, dealing with problematic environment variables, learning web-scraping with cookie.js, and having the mental competence of a baby. The last part is the only reason I didn't finish.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Learning to work with an api, and new technologies in general, learning web-scraping with cookie.js.

What I learned: A LOT (see above).

What's next for Auto-tagged Giphy submission: Finishing the script, condensing the tags list by removing doubles (even further down the road, analyzing relationships between tags of different frame samples in order to find new tags), maybe a custom version of Giphy's submission site that internally accesses the Clarifai api (no need for external scripts).

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