Inspiration - I've always enjoyed trading the stock market, so I decided to make my job easier as I get busier, and code custom technical indicators and fundamental indicators to have an automatic trader make the trades that I would while simultaneously beating out the market.

What it does - Hooks into the Robinhood trading app on the iphone or android, and executes orders as if I was trading them myself.

How I built it - Using a website that allows me to backtest against previous days in the market (quantopian) and using python to actually code it

Challenges I ran into - Learning the library and actually coding the technical indicators was infinitely more challenging than I had even imagined this would have been.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - Learning the library, and actually having my stock algorithm out perform the market year over year, and net a total of 700% return on investment over 7 years, or a 100% return a year using realistic conditions and only $1000 in capital means that I am surely going to be using this algorithm for a very long time to come.

What I learned - Patience. Learning the library and waiting for the backtesting to complete taught me patience in myself and with my computer. Learning the library for python and how to actually code a successful algorithm trader is very satisfying.

What's next for Auto Stock Trading Algorithm - To be put into use with my personal Robinhood account, and possibly sell it to an investor, company, firm looking for a very solid stock algo trader that utilizes momentum.

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