Alexandra's grandmother with Parkinson's disease who struggles with putting on footwear and keeping it on.

What it does

Shoe allows user to simply place foot onto sole of shoe and press a button that activates motors in the shoe, which closes the shoe with a scrunching motion.

How I built it

Styrofoam as a mock of the sole of the shoe, and fabric for the vamp and tongue of the shoe, the heel and the heel counter made from cardstock and faux suede. The functionality of the shoe is built with motors

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out the functionality and the layout of the shoe. Planning how well our prototype could be.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The build of the shoe, the functioning of the shoe, and the hard work and time we put into this project.

What I learned

The importance of teamwork, time management, hardware, and overall what goes into developing new wearables.

What's next for Auto-Shoe

Upgrading the shoe with a real sole, hidden wiring and motor, possible wifi connection to a mobile app instead of button use, more styles, durability, etc. Our team is excited for the amount of potential this shoe could have with the proper resources and time. People like Alexandra's grandmother lives could be greatly improved.

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