Games that we got inspiration from was the auto chess genre and how we're all big league of legend fanboys.

What it does

A fun auto-battler styled game that has simple mechanics, but has potential for having deep strategy through interactions with character abilities and game metas.

How I built it

Unity and C#

Challenges I ran into

Underestimated how long implementing the User Interface would take, as well as having to cut abilities and game mechanics due to lack of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of The overall quality of the game design as well as the game aesthetics. In terms of the time spent on this project, the foundational aspects of the game is present and can easily be expanded on if there was more time.

What I learned

New programming techniques regarding creating random characters, as well as game development techniques, such as game mechanics design and balancing.

What's next for Auto Roster

The future of Auto Roster will contain have a wider variety of skills, interesting metas, and more room for creatively forming in depth strategies.

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