Auto-Power is a software application that uses social proof to promote better driving - less congestion, more efficient, and safer.

We create personalized driving reports with comparisons to similar drivers, along with targeted, actionable recommendations to help drivers improve in each category. By applying behavioral science, we utilize universal theories of influence to promote conservation, a largely untapped resource towards more sustainable transportation systems. Doing so can significantly reduce congestion, improve fuel efficiency, and promote safer driving, whether you're in London, Ann Arbor, or Yaoundé.

Thanks to the OpenXC Platform, we're able to collect vehicle driving data over the OBD2 port. This data is then sent to Auto-Power and stored in the cloud where other connected vehicle data is also aggregated. Through our proprietary algorithms, we then calculate congestion, consumption, and safety indices. These scores are then displayed to the user, giving them quantified insight into their driving patterns. Personalized recommendations are also provided to help improve each index.

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