A Cal Hacks Hackathon Hack

The Bad News

Gone are the days of infinite-ammo shotgun-swiping our mating candidates on Tinder. With the newly introduced limitations on likes, users run out of right swipes after 100 likes and are forced to wait 12 hours before their ammunition reloads or pay IAP (in-app purchase) fees. Thus, we have to actually look at profiles before deciding to spend our precious supply of swipes.

The Good News

Through reverse-engineering and re-engineering, we present to you a solution that will automatically "check-out" potential candidates and decide if they are worth your swipe.

How It Is Done

By connecting computer vision technology and machine learning, AutoMate recognizes patterns in your preference of matches. Just a few manual swipes is all it takes to teach AutoMate swipe accurately for you.

This Is Just The Beginning

Going beyond automating online dating, the combined power of Computer Vision and Machine Learning can be harnessed in countless fields, such as biology, security, and transportation.

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