Auto Mate uses existing research in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to rank Tinder profiles and automatically swipes right on all those which pass the 'promiscuity test'.


  • The unofficial Tinder API documentation and Pynder (A Python client for the API) to interact with Tinder.
  • A modified version of nude.py to analyse images for nudity/semi-nudity and assign scores based on skin pixel percentage. (Which is funny, because this algorithm is actually used in pornography blocking software.)
  • A Python implementation of the Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction (RAKE) algorithm to perform simple sentiment analysis. Keywords extracted from the bio are matched with a custom dictionary of keywords to obtain a score for the text.
  • Howhot.io to rate images on a general level of attractiveness.
  • Django framework to deploy the webapp.


No! We do not personally endorse using Tinder to hookup.

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