In the year 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic and California forest fires, I realized NO ONE is comfortable wearing a mask. There are many problems: 1. Difficulty breathing 2. Wearing incorrectly 3. Non-hygienic mask practice 4. Injuries due to prolonged mask-wearing 5. Mask off at critical moments 6. Not wearing at all!

What it does

Auto Mask is a multi-functional gadget featuring an eye shield, touchless control, muscle sensor, and air quality sensor. Easily control your face covering with a wave by the proximity sensor at the ear. Auto Mask will also protect you when air quality is bad and will cover you just before a cough or sneeze!

How I built it

The headpiece is 3D printed and holds Arduino hardware. C++ coding language was used.

Challenges I ran into

Designing the headpiece to be as compact as possible while still having all those features was the most difficult part.

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