In Nepal, the electricity is cut-off frequently(No internet) and here we play offline Dino game and compete with our friends to pass time. Then suddenly we had an idea that since it is simple one-key game, it would be great if we could automate it and add hardware knowledge to make it possible.

What it does

It is an arduino controlled device that plays Dino game automatically.

How I built it

1.First of all, we programmed servo motor to move on certain angle whenever the LDR sensor senses dark.

  1. Then, we attached the servo motor to computer keyboard in such a way that that the angle of pressing is sufficient to hit space bar of the laptop keyboard.
  2. Finally, we set a particular threshold for the LDR sensor and then attached the sensor to laptop screen inline with the Obstacle of Dino game.

Challenges I ran into

We had difficult time making the LDR sensor cover to minimize its area of detection and setting threshold that exactly matches with display setting of Laptop to detect obstacle inside game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had never used Servos and LDR sensor and using it to make it actually accomplish what we wanted was really a proud thing to us.

What I learned

We learnt to use the Servo motors for the first time and adding thresholds to the LDR sensors.

What's next for Auto Dinolympics

We are planning to add another LDR sensor so that it can also detect the bird obstacle on the sky that comes when we reach to greater highscore.

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